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With one of our phone numbers you can
divert your number to it if you wish.


What about hardware?

You can buy normal desk phones from us or configure your own IP deskphones using our wiki, however you can get started straightway without any additional hardware using with our free mobile app.


What about my
phone number ?

You can set the system up several different ways to see what suits you best. 

byphone will give you a local phone number as part of the trial. You can use this to receive calls. Or you can divert your current number to the number we give you so that you can receive all your calls on the system.


byphone allows you to present your current number on all outgoing calls, although you will need to contact us as we need to verify that you own the number you want the system to present.

Getting started

Once you sign up we will send you login details to the system with a local number for your region.

It takes a few hours as we need to associate the number with your address. The login details will come with a quick start guide so that you can get users using the new phone number on your smartphone, or computer desk phone.


You configure how you want to manage the number, time conditions, ring groups, voicemails, secondary ring groups etc. 


You will also have access to the call records section where you will see graphs showing you how well you are managing your contacts. How long it takes for somebody to speak to the right person etc.

Setting up the system

The login details, the quick start guide, and the several hundred pages of guide should be enough for you to configure the system. 

However, if you would like us to help you build out a basic system then please use the schedule appointment page and our support team will help you build it out.

What happens after my trial?

We believe in our product so much that we think once you get going you will want to purchase the product, but if not we'll cancel for you.

Once purchased you can port your existing phone number to the system if required, make international calls and avail of call recording.

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Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to 
manage their own phone system.

We would like you to use the system for a few months so that you can see how easy it is to use and manage. We think it will improve how you manage your phone contacts with customers, and suppliers.


The free trial gives you full access to the system and allows you to make and receive up to 500 minutes of national calls. You will need to purchase the system to make international and premium rate calls.


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